By applying Internet Branding

Internet Branding in practice


The beauty of this is, unlike the traditional ads for radio and television, that there is no time limit that you have to fulfill. Your audio or video needs to be long enough to convey your message, no more, no less. If that is a minute and 5 seconds, so be it. Doesn't really matter.


Now you may be thinking that this is too much work and is too technical.


Well, it does lack a bit of upfront work, but it is not technical at all. If you have a video camera that sends a digital format, without the need for a professional-type (we've used from a web-cam, until a photo camera to create videos), and you can set up a place with adequate lighting and a relatively quiet, that is all you need. In fact, many of our clients create their own videos with the video camera Flip. It is a video camera agile, the size of a cell phone modern that has a built-in microphone, zoom and video monitor. It is available in different models, but I recommend that you get a model with a HD so that its output has the resolution is moderately high. And to get the final video, once you finish it, you only have to plug it in to the USB port and effortlessly download the video to your computer. What could be easier?.


The Flip is absolutely fantastic for recording video testimonials. I'm going with my flip HD wherever you go. Each employer is required to keep a Flip HD all the time! as you Never know when there is a good opportunity to take a video or get a witness.


What are the steps needed to create a message of Internet Branding?


Step 1 it is the creation of its core brand main. It is about defining your target market and the main advantages of working with you, along with the reasons why the people should believe in you and your promises. You need what I call “just an advantage”. This is the difference more interesting and meaningful between you and your competition.


By the way, many business people and professional service providers never take the time to develop a core of the core brand; which explains why most people will never achieve the success you are looking for. When you become our client, we help you create the central core of your brand. And this alone, we can double or triple their sales and profits if it integrates in your marketing plan.


Step 2 is to compile the FAQ and SAQ, along with what you want to say in your videos.


Step 3 is to start getting video testimonials.


This may seem like a lot of time-consuming or difficult to make. Remember, however, that you only have to make the most of it once. After that is produced and distributed, we will work tirelessly for you 24/7/365, and we will continue to work during the time that you keep – that is indefinite at this time. Its contents can be recycled, reformatted and re-used in a way that can be used time and time again.


How can customers monetize their brand messages on the Internet?


The main way is to get people to visit your website after viewing or listening to one of their brand messages.


Already being there, the customer can take one or more of the four possible desired actions:


  • you can call
  • visit you at your place of work,
  • complete a form on the web site of a special offer or to request more information,
  • or they can buy something, if you have implemented the e-commerce.


However, depending on your situation, you can repackage your content and vendelo. This is called marketing information and is the most profitable business that anyone can have.


While a discussion of info-marketing is beyond the scope of this post, suffice it to say, that if the information products are not part of your mix, you are leaving thousands – even millions of dollars on the table for someone else.

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