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Create and execute a mobile marketing campaign is a process that involves several steps. Learning the steps takes time. It is not usual for the sellers new, start with ideas are very ambitious about the kinds of things that they would like to do, is only encouraged once they begin to have an understanding of the challenges. don't worry, find the right path for your brand using mobile marketing is a continuous effort, with the potential for long-term benefits.


Vendors must consider several factors when developing a mobile Marketing campaign:


Audience addressable. How many phones currently in the target market can support the technology (for example, MMS) or the application (for example, wallpaper) that will be used for the campaign?


Case Study. Are there other brands using mobile marketing to reach the target audience? If so, what has worked and what has not? There are some best practices for this type of campaign?


Variables. What are the technical limitations and creative? how can the campaign be customized to suit any operator?, what requirements of the phone and the network? If so, how the customization will affect the cost of the campaign and the calendar?


Business case. What is the anticipated cost of the campaign? what is the campaign likely to provide a solid return on investment (ROI)?


Partners and facilitators. What agencies and/or providers of mobile services are the ones who need to work, in order to run the campaign?


Time. How much time would it take to create and run the campaign? do you adjust the time line that the objectives of the brand?


Media Integration


One of the reasons why mobile marketing is so effective is because it has a way to reach their target demographic throughout the day instead of only when they are in front of a computer, watch tv or read a magazine.


Another reason is that mobile marketing can leverage other media, such as the inclusion of a short code on a billboard that passers-by can get by going close to the source transmitter (example: Bluetooth).


These reasons highlight why it is important to consider where and how consumers tend to be aware of a campaign of mobile phone?.


For example, it is useful to know the area where you live the target audience, works, or plays that you like, as well as what he reads and observes. This information can be used to determine if the campaign of mobile telephony can create awareness through the use of ads in magazines, in an ad in a bar, on a poster in a public transport or on the radio.


Recent research shows that television is the main media of communication, to educate and to encourage consumers to use their phones or mobile devices to participate in a mobile marketing campaign.


First Steps


Your first mobile marketing campaign will be the first learning experiences, but that doesn't mean you can't have success. However, their success depends in part on choosing partners that have extensive experience in mobile marketing.


Campaigns initial are Also an opportunity to gather valuable information about how your target audience responds to mobile marketing.

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