Behavior of the visitors

We have an unprecedented opportunity to obtain information that is more behavioral than ever.

In terms of all the information streams available with online business and purchasing activity, we can now translate the data into information. Information into knowledge. And a vision of success. To achieve this, an organization needs the right combination of software and analysts to help define the truth in order to have a successful line of translation of the mark.

Now we can translate the data into information. Information into knowledge. And a vision of success.

A by-product valuable for the measurement of online behavior is its applicability to other areas of an organization, such as sales or customer service. Looking at the data at its most granular level, and for periods of time as possible, you will need the right set of tools to manage opinions and myths.


To simplify a lot of the steps that we take, we optimize the behavior of the visitor, here are five key steps that we take in our planning process:

  • Invest analysis of the route. In this sense, to identify the pathways most frequently asked of the user navigation and the steps and the time they take in getting to your points of conversion desired.
  • Analysis of content of value. With this study, we quantify the number of visitors progress through your web site and assess what content is most important to them.
  • Analysis of scenarios. This is a parallel study in which we classify the visitors how to progress through your site based on your person (and segmented) the conduct of conversion.
  • Page and link analysis. In this analysis, we make an assessment of the activities resulting from the conversion of the key pages. One of the most important variables you need to understand is bounce rates. What areas of your web site are conversions of damage, sales and profits in the last instance?.
  • Reference analysis. It is crucial to understand which traffic sources are helping to drive traffic to your site. And most importantly, what are the producers in the conversion of the most qualified sales opportunities.

Through this process, we can help you answer the key questions of the business of your website, such as:

  • Where do the users come from the site?.
  • What users are doing when accessing your site, and how does this affect your navigation?.
  • How many different steps do users take to become a sales leader qualified?.
  • Which specific pages are causing the abandonment of the site?.
  • What obstacles there are on the routes of navigation of its web site and processes?.

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