Web Design

Research has shown that today, in 80 per cent of the occurrences, the first interaction of a person with a brand is through an online consultation, a search engine, a press release, or in a social environment.

We do not believe that a web site is about a brand.

It is the brand.

Web sites that allegedly moved from an approach of functionality to an experimental approach. During the last few years, our services of website design have addressed both topics of equal importance.


As professionals of a web design company, design company, we approach to a concurrent from the inside out and the methodology from outside to inside. In our experience, four things must be in place and working in synergy to achieve website design success:

  • Authenticity. Are you sure the promises made through your web site can be met or exceeded by the real-life experiences?.
  • The tone and shape. They are the combination of colors, design elements and user experience consistent with the rest of your brand.
  • Content of the presentation. Does the content of your website reflects the positioning of your brand and your personality?. What makes the package correctly?. Articulate your points of differentiation to each of their target audiences.
  • The elements of navigation. How can users find information on your web site? Does your navigation system convey a positive experience, in line with the positioning of your brand?

Development of Web Sites

RACBConsulting has successfully designed, implemented and has helped to optimize several hundreds of web sites at the global level.

Through this wide range of experiences, we have found that there are four key measures of success in the development of a web site:


Your website is your brand , we take great care to make sure that all promises made are kept. That is why we immerse ourselves in our clients ' business. As we like to say, we look at the big picture and all the details at the same time. Because the details are where the innovative ideas come from.


Without a superior design any web site is lost on the internet, by their low performance and lack of power. While we appreciate the importance of a great design (for example, Apple), as professional designers of web sites, ensure complete usability of your web site and through the experience and optimization. This includes the navigation, the coding search-friendly, and other features to differentiate their brand from the competition.


In RACBConsulting, our development solutions customized houses are constructed on the basis of their aspirations, the objectives of your business, and the character of the brand. RACBConsulting uses standards that comply with all accessibility of the ADA, the encoding of the W3C, and other best practices of usability. This ensures that, while your site is unique, it is also easy to use and can be accessed easily by any person.


Because the Internet is always changing, we design web sites that anticipate the trends in both the short term and in the future. At the same time, in anticipation of growth of your Internet business, we create sites that are easy-to-update, cost-effective and scalable. To maximize the integration of our work with the internal staff of your company and other providers, will provide all the source code used to develop your web site.

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