Internet Branding

The Creation and optimization of a brand on the Internet requires the same amount of strategic thinking and the diligence of its execution.

In RACB Consulting we are a consultancy of the Internet, and we believe that the following four elements must be managed together to achieve the success with the brand in the Internet:

We work with your brand assets existing

to ensure a community.

  • Authenticity. While this concept of brand is timeless, it has become even more important in the age of digital media. The lack of connection between what he says an online brand and what is really in person, can be devastating to any organization.
  • Simplicity. The best brands are easy to remember in the folder of the file of mind of the people. In RACB Consulting, we are persistent about ensuring the clarity of the brand and how to create an online brand.
  • Consistency. The authenticity and consistency is a concept of business of long tradition. As most brands have dozens (even hundreds) of points of contact, we work with the assets of the existing brand to ensure a match between what he has seen and said in line with real-world experiences.
  • Ubiquity. Yes, a brand must be represented with accuracy in many points of contact as possible and affordable. But we also agree with experts who say that it is more important to control the presentation of a brand that's getting to be diverted by the new tactics of social media.


Within our System of strategic development and the implementation process, we work with our clients , including all stakeholders, to help define the following parameters to the mark on the Internet:

  • How should the content be presented to visitors, and how should that position your brand?.
  • What the main segments of the audience you are talking to and what tone are they using?.
  • What visual features best represent your organization's branding?.

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