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An audit of marketing on the internet can save you thousands of dollars.

Auditorias web

“Our website is outdated ...” we hear this every day. An audit of marketing on the internet can help to save that you can use for your website and will guide you through the process of re-development and re-launch.

An audit of marketing on the internet is the perfect action to start with, if your current website is not giving you what you expected ...

Our audit of marketing on the internet is a complete revision based on the evaluation of their web pages. This is the most quick, easy and affordable to start improving your web site. For this reason, the audit service website is an investment, not an expense. For more information consult our prices making it click here.

Evaluation of Web Sites

Analysis and evaluation of the key elements of the effectiveness of the Web Marketing.

We do ask the right questions, evaluating:

  • Design of Web pages.
  • Content of the web.
  • Programming of the web Page.
  • Structure of the web Page.
  • Promotion of web sites.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Our staff identifies with his goals of online marketing, customer service, and the perspective of positioning. Your web site is evaluated in each of the following areas components: content, design, marketing pull, the follow-up of the automation and the preparation of search engine marketing. Comments and suggestions are made in each of the areas of evaluation. To get started, request a free consultation.

The fees for the audits and assessments are based on the size and complexity of your web site.

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