For many organizations, the intranet can be one of the smartest investments that are going to do.

Promote the corporate vision, key initiatives and

to improve the alignment of the organization.

One of the main uses of an intranet is as a centralized hub for internal communication, management, and retrieval of information, and interdisciplinary collaboration. An Intranet can also be used as an internal environment, in order to promote the corporate vision, key initiatives, and to improve the alignment of the organization. Intranets are the internal part of which may promote the retention of strong customer with the development of extranet.


In RACB Consulting, we have experience with a multitude of content management systems , including:

  • Communicate the key messages of the company through various departments quickly and easily.
  • The employees have the possibility of reviewing the human resources information, such as records of sick time or part-time payroll.
  • The members of the sales team can use a system of tasks of internal management to organize and share information.
  • Create a greater brand awareness with the internal monitoring of the key initiative.
  • To promote the collaboration of employees with discussion groups between departments.
  • To integrate the training modules for new employees.

Functionality of the Intranet

  • The central administration.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Delegate user permissions.
  • Management of content.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • Repository of documents.
  • Tools for building community, such as discussion forums and bulletin boards.
  • Development of custom applications.

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