¿Why you need a web site?

Even if you're not planning on selling online, a well-designed site is essential for any business.


Question: How my business is very small, just me and two employees, and our product really can't sell online. Do I really need a website?


Reply: That is a good question. In fact, it is one of the most important questions and that is do it more often in the era of digital business. Before I answer, however, we will produce a throwback to the first time I was asked this question. It was around the year 1998, during the first years of life of the internet.


He was giving a lecture on the impact of the internet on small and medium enterprises – SMES, in a tourism company in havana, Cuba. In the year 1998, which was decades ago, the future of e-commerce was something that no one I knew well, but even the futurists, the more negative were in agreement that all the signs indicated that a large part of the income of the business in the future is derivarian of the transactions on the Internet as a result of the efforts of online marketing.


Therefore, if your business does not have a web site, even if your business is small and sells products or services that you do not believe that you can sell on the Internet. My answer in 1998 was the same as my answer today:


Yes, if you have a business, you should have a website. Without a doubt.


In addition, do not rush to belittle your product or service as something that can not be sold on the Internet. Today, there is very little that cannot be sold through the Internet. More than 2 billion customers are now making use of the Internet, buying everything from books, computers, cars, real estate, jets, natural gas-whatever. If you can imagine it, someone is going to find the way to sell online your product or service to as of place.


Let me clarify a point: I'm not saying that you should put all your efforts in the sale of its goods or services only through the Internet, though if your product lends itself to achieve sales easy to in Internet, without a doubt, you should consider doing so immediately. The point is that you should at least have a web presence so that current customers, prospective customers, business partners and even investors can quickly and easily get more information about your business and the products and/or services that you offer.


That said, it is not enough to have a web site. You must have a professional-looking site if you want to be taken seriously. Since many consumers will search for information online before making a purchase in a store, a mall or simply a local physical in any street of any city in the world, your site may be the first opportunity you have to give a good impression to a potential buyer. If your site looks like it was designed by a child trying to express their creativity immature to discover colors and shapes, their opportunity to make a good first impression will be lost.


One of the best things that has the Internet is that it has leveled the playing field of the business when it comes to compete against large. As I have already mentioned, has a single chance to make a good first impression. With a well-designed site, your small website can project the image and professionalism of a company much larger. The opposite may also happen. I have seen many web sites of large companies that are so poorly designed and difficult to navigate, which completely lack professionalism and credibility. If that is the case, the worse for them.


Also to mention that yours may be a small page, but when it comes to benefiting from a website, size does not matter. I don't care if you are a single man or a giant company of 10,000 employees, if you do not have a website, you're losing business compared to other companies that if they do so.


Here is the exception to my rule: In fact, it is better to have no website than to have one that will make your business look bad. Your website says a lot about your business. Or, he says, “IHey, look, we take our business so seriously that we have created this wonderful site for our customers!” or screaming, “Hey, look, I let my nephew of 10 years of age, should design my site. Good luck if you can find what you are looking for!


Your website is an important part of your business. Be sure to treat it as such.

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